13 January, 2008

A better explanation

So, now that I've had a bit of time to get things settled at work, let me explain a few things as to why its taken me so long to get this site running again.

First thing you should know is that this is an experiment. Its completely 100% hand-written from scratch. This site marks my first adventure into a bunch of neat things that I just haven't had time to research and play with, like mysqli, FreeBSD tweaking, hand-editing PNG files, etc. I've also gone through about five layout designs, before finally getting bored looking at colour schemes. I currently like the orange/grey/white scheme, although I could very well turn around in five mins and re-do it blue. Which is the great thing about a roll-your-own site, I'm able to just turn around and change the colour scheme without digging through a colossal amount of CSS.

So, things will break, and this could very well go un-touched for months, but thats what I expected. Any actual content for my content management system is just an added bonus ;).