11 December, 2008

Australia: Day 7

Ok, so given as how I haven’t actually posted these as of writing, I don’t think anyone can blame me for skipping out a few days, yes?

I’ve come to the conclusion that Australians, at least [Melbourneites,Melbourneians]? are the worst drivers in the world. They drive recklessly and never slow down, I swear most would rather crash then give you a break. I compare them to driving in Auckland, which is reality is pseudo-chaotic. Everyone thinks it’s this giant disorganised mess, but in reality, if you have confidence driving you’ll love Auckland drivers. They will hold up 3 lanes of rush-hour traffic just to let you turn right down a small side street! In can even compare them to Seoul drivers, who are far more reckless, but everyone will let everyone in and will slow down when necessary.

Rant out of the way, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and bought an Elgato eyeTV DTT. After purchasing it I immediately tried it out in the car, and it picked up SBS no problem. However, reception in the suburb I’m staying in is very poor; at most I’ve been able to get 40% signal strength with a proper UHF antenna, although the small one that comes with it isn’t far off. Once back in NZ, I plan to get myself a Mac Mini (preferably a used one off TradeMe) and set up a recording system / file share / backup server.

On a final note, don't forget to check out Global Game Jam, which will be happening all over the world (and in particular at Waikato University) very shortly. The idea? 48 hours to create a game based on a predefined theme. I'm not talking super 3d immersive graphics level, just something fun and playable.