16 October, 2008

The Nerdery: s02e23: On 2009

First, a public service announcement. The SCMS Pub Crawl will be happening on the 17th of October. A splendid time is guaranteed for all, as has been the case year after year. Free/cheap drinks and lots of free food, and of course the always popular pub crawl t-shirt (which will NOT feature Comic Sans MS this year, graphic designer types can wear it without shame). Being part of the SCMS is not a requirement, we always welcome our Science / Engineering counterparts, or anyone else who has a geeky tendency. We need to know numbers by the 13th. $18 with t-shirt or $3 without, collect your tickets from Bronwyn Poki in R.G.22.

The year is quickly pulling to a close, like it does year after year, and so begins my plans to move between lovely air-conditioned rooms, ensuring that I'm not at all exposed to the harmful UV rays of summer. It always surprises me that it happens, in the same way most nerds were surprised when 01/01/2000 happened. It's not as if it's something you can count down to or anything. And so if I've done my math correctly, this is the last ever time you'll be able to read The Nerdery this year. I should end with a reflection into all that's happened this year, unfortunately I still haven't learned how to program reflections correctly (The Earth language is worse than Java), and I can just barely do them with Algebra. So instead, here's a short list of what I'm looking forward to in revision 2009;

I'm looking forward to getting rid of the horrible Windows thing in my pocket and getting a Google Android-based thingy. No, not iPhone. The iPhone, although pretty, sucks when compared to what the Android is going to be able to do. I'm looking forward to Internet Explorer 8, how much better the web will be (standards-wise), but not how slowly it will be adoped by users. I'm looking forward to the end of people's hatred for Vista as Windows Mojave hits the shelves. And finally, I'm greatly anticipating playing Duke Nukem Forever.

I look forward to spending another year hunched over the keyboard with your, dear reader. So long, and thanks for all the fish.