12 July, 2008

@World Cyber Games NZ, part 2

Ok, I have a little more time and brain function to type now...

For those not in the know, I'm the network admin for the biggest LAN party in NZ, The World Cyber Games NZ Qualifier. It's a big job that involves lots of sleep depravation, but it's fun in a sick way. It started at 12:30 on Friday (today), and will go till Sunday. Here are a bunch of photos, and maybe tomorrow I'll post some more...

It's been a hectic few days. To start of this picture trail of some of my experience, I think the most fitting is an image of how my flat looked the night before setup day. In this picture you should see a switch, my laptop, my server, my HP 90/700 terminal, 4x Cisco switches resting on a firewall, 1 massive switch, another terminal, and Jono (aka Sheep) on my laptop configuring the switch.

My living room

Next up is two photos of the WCG banner and TelstraClear Pacific banner. Just to prove we made it.

TelstraClear Pacific roadside sign

WCG NZ roadside sign

And the communications room at TelstraClear Pacific stadium, the place where we ran our 100m ethernet internet link out of, as well as patch to the rest of the building...

Patch room

My laptops and Jono...

Laptops and Jonathan

My 42" plasma, which displays a graph of the internet usage, as well as a warning to n00bs...

Plasma screen

The lights of a switch.

Network switch

Endless rows of people... (760 total really)

Rows of people

So ya, thats what I'm up to this weekend. Don't blame me if I don't text back, I'm busy blocking network ports.