4 August, 2008

Yahoo sucks again!

I have a domain. Big surprise. What may come as a surprise to some people though is that up until a month ago I used Yahoo Domains, and until today, I had no complaints.

A month ago I noticed Yahoo was increasing their renewal price to $34.95. I had already planned to move to Godaddy this year due to their sponsorship of Diggnation (go Diggnation!), so while being a little more motivated because of the price difference, I thought little of it. I switched, and have had no problems. I clicked all the buttons I could find in Yahoo, and thought it was all done, as I had no more correspondence from them.

Until I check my credit card bill today, and notice a nice $50 NZD charge attributed to my domain. WTF!?!?!?! Yahoo still wants money for a service I'm not using!!!

Yahoo has really screwed up this past year, and I can only hope the next .com burst will finally pop the bubble on the company that really doesn't care about customers.