26 January, 2009

Now a Red Hat Certified Engineer!

So I was in Melbourne last week (I was going to blog about it, I swear) doing the RH300 rapid track course. I learnt a lot, especially to do with troubleshooting. The instructor, Rohan Sathe, was excellent. And now, I’m a Red Hat Certified Engineer!

I strongly recommend the course to anyone who wants to take the exam; there are things in the exam that you simply won’t have experienced. If you do the course, provided you pay attention and complete all the lab work, there should be no reason why you can’t pass the exam. Which is important, if your employer is paying a lot of money to fly you from New Zealand to Australia, and repeating the journey might take a bit of convincing.

Just on a side note, when did the Australian government start requiring ID to purchase prepaid SIM cards? The form I had to sign appeared more concerned with how many prepaid services I already had, and not at all with the actual phone number (I could have missed something though).