10 January, 2017

PulseSecure Client on Fedora 25

Just installed the PulseSecure 5.2R6 client on Fedora 25; while it isn't officially supported (support is only for fc23), it works well, and as all the dependancies are in the Fedora repo, you don't have to do any dodgy downloads (like you do with the officially supported fc23...).

This will only give you VPN access to a PCS appliance using their proprietary SSL VPN; it doesn't support IPSec connections, you'll still need to patch vpnc for that.

sudo rpm -Uvh ps-pulse-linux-5.2r6.0-b977-centos-rhel-installer.rpm
sudo dnf install -y glibc.i686 nss.i686 zlib.i686 glib-networking.i686 \
  webkitgtk.i686 xulrunner.i686 libproxy.i686 libproxy-mozjs \
  libproxy-gnome.i686 webkitgtk3.i686
sudo ln -s /usr/local/pulse/libpulseui.so /usr/lib/libpulseui.so

After that, the Pulse UI client is available in GNOME; just add the details and you're away.