15 July, 2021

Unofficial Teams Room with a Tablet

This is totally not supported (and may not comply with licensing requirements? idk I'm not an expert), but did you know you can make an old Windows 10 tablet run the Teams Room software?


  1. Download the Windows 10 Enterprise or IoT ISO. As of November 2022, the script expects version 10.0.19044.1288, which is the 21H2 version (en-us_windows_10_iot_enterprise_version_21h2_x64_dvd_9efdf454.iso).
  2. Either double-click to mount the ISO, or extract it to a folder. Insert a blank 32GB+ USB drive into your PC.
  3. Download the CreateSrsMedia.ps1 script, and run it (you may need to run it in a window with powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy AllSigned). It will guide you through various options, and then start preparing the USB stick.
  4. Once the script is finished, eject the USB, insert in into the tablet, and boot from it. The install process is unattended. Make sure you have an Ethernet cable connected, as the install process downloads the latest Teams client from the Microsoft Store.
  5. While the tablet is installing, create a Teams Room account in your tenancy.
  6. Once the tablet is installed, you will see a setup screen. Ignore this, as the last step will instruct you "To finish setting up, insert the room console into the dock", which you can't do (this is an unofficial Teams room, after all)
  7. Instead, press the Windows key 5 times in a row. This will take you to the Windows 10 login screen. The Administrator account password is sfb.
  8. At this point, you may want/need to install drivers, especially camera and audio drivers.
  9. Create a new file, and place the below XML content into it, substituting your username and password as appropriate. Save it as C:\Users\Skype\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.SkypeRoomSystem_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\skypesettings.xml
    <SkypeSignInAddress>[email protected]</SkypeSignInAddress>
    <ExchangeAddress>[email protected]</ExchangeAddress>
  1. Restart the tablet, connect it to a screen, and enjoy!