10 September, 2022

Azure Region Abbreviations

Last updated February 2023.

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework's recommended naming convention includes the full name of the region.

Most people want to abbreviate region names. Unfortunately, Microsoft don't have a standard abbreviation for reach region. Instead, different Microsoft product teams have created their own abbreviations, and so the abbreivations for each region is different depending on the service you're using.

To illustrate this, the below table lists all the current regions, and what abbreviations I could find.

...you poor unfortunate souls using Canada Central.

Cloud Azure Region (displayName) Azure Region (name) Short Name (Attestation) Short Name (Dynamics LCS) Short Name (Defender for Cloud) Short Name (Backup) Short Name (Automation)
Global Australia Central australiacentral acl ac
Global Australia Central 2 australiacentral2 acl2 cbr2
Global Australia East australiaeast eau eau eau ae ae
Global Australia Southeast australiasoutheast sau seau seau ase ase
Global Brazil South brazilsouth sbr cq brs brs
Global Brazil Southeast brazilsoutheast bse brse
Global Canada Central canadacentral cac cca ccan cnc cc
Global Canada East canadaeast cae eca cne
Global Central India centralindia cin cid inc cid
Global Central US centralus cus cus cus cus
Global Central US EUAP centraluseuap cuse ccy
China China East chinaeast sha
China China East 2 chinaeast2 mc sha2 sha2
China China North chinanorth bjb bjb
China China North 2 chinanorth2 bjb2 bjs2
China China North 3 chinanorth3
Global East Asia eastasia eas ea ea ea
Global East US eastus eus eus eus eus eus
Global East US 2 eastus2 eus2 eus2 eus2 eus2
Global East US 2 EUAP eastus2euap eus2e ecy
Global France Central francecentral par frc fc
Global France South francesouth sfr frs mrs
Germany Germany Central germanycentral gec
Global Germany North germanynorth gn
Germany Germany Northeast germanynortheast gne
Global Germany West Central germanywestcentral dewc gwc dewc
Global Japan East japaneast ejp ejp jpe jpe
Global Japan West japanwest wjp jpw jpw
Global Jio India Central jioindiacentral jic
Global Jio India West jioindiawest jiw
Global Korea Central koreacentral se krc kc
Global Korea South koreasouth krs ps
Global North Central US northcentralus ncus ncus ncus ncus
Global North Europe northeurope neu neu neu ne ne
Global Norway East norwayeast eno noe nwe noe
Global Norway West norwaywest wno nww now
Global Qatar Central qatarcentral
Global South Africa North southafricanorth nza san san
Global South Africa West southafricawest wza saw
Global South Central US southcentralus scus scus scus scus scus
Global South India southindia sin ins ma
Global Southeast Asia southeastasia sasia seas sea sea sea
Global Sweden Central swedencentral sdc
Global Switzerland North switzerlandnorth swn nch chn szn
Global Switzerland West switzerlandwest wch szw stzw
Global UAE Central uaecentral uac auh
Global UAE North uaenorth nae dxb uan uaen
Global UK South uksouth uks suk suk uks uks
Global UK West ukwest ukw wuk ukw cw
US Government US DoD Central usdodcentral udc
US Government US DoD East usdodeast ude
US Government US Gov Arizona uga phx uga phx
US Government US Gov Iowa ugi
US Government US Gov Texas ugt ussc
US Government US Gov Virginia ugv ff ugv usge
US Government US Nat East exe exe
US Government US Nat West exw exw
US Government US Sec East rxe rxe
US Government US Sec West rxw rxw
US Government US Sec West Central
Global West Central US westcentralus wcus wcus wcus
Global West Europe westeurope weu weu weu we we
Global West India westindia inw
Global West US westus wus wus wus wus wus
Global West US 2 westus2 wus2 wus2 wus2
Global West US 3 westus3 wus3 usw3